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The Adventure Tourism course is split into two separate online courses. These courses are supported by additional learning resources and reinforced by videos from industry experts and our knowledge exchange platform, which you can join here.

These resources have been developed to create a lasting impact on those who take the course, AVIP is a flexible learning pathway that helps learners to enchance their digital and entrepreneurial skills as well as helping them to prepare for the fast-chaning adventure tourism market.

This course has been written by experts who are passionate about tourism and highly knowledgeable about digital marketing.

Immersion in Digital technology.
This course will educate and inspire you on many topics ranging from the “Future Trends in Technology & Travel” to “Customer First Marketing”.

Innovating New Products.
This course will guide you through Planning your initiative, help you to recognise the value of planning and evaluating and will also educate you on business plans.

Follow the module layout or sample areas from different modules in order to get a real insight into how the Adventure Tourism market is shifting and how you can stay relevant and in the know!